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splAsh’s Mission: To inspire positive change and enhance the community through creativity and extraordinary entertainment.



Ashley has always enjoyed a good party. Starting at a young age she would have themed birthday parties (even now every birthday party has a theme!). She also has always had a burning desire to give back. At age 16 she hosted her first public fundraiser as her Sweet 16 birthday party. As Ashley got older she realized she could turn her love for creating magical events into a business, and thus splAsh Enterprizes was born! 


Ashley began her event planning company in Fort Collins, Colorado which led to serving all of Northern Colorado as well as being an event planner with clientele in the Denver Metro and surrounding areas. Shortly thereafter Ashley expanding splAsh Enterprizes and her event planning to Los Angeles and the Southern California region. In LA, she not only did event planning, consulting, and hosting but she was also in front of the camera as an actress and model and behind the scenes as a producer, director, writer, and casting director. Being in Los Angeles gave Ashley the experience of monumental events such as the Oscars and the Grammys. But she also loves being involved with smaller scale events like private birthday parties, that although the public won't see and maybe no celebrities will attend, the party will still have lasting fond memories for all of the guests! 




Northern Colorado Event Planner splAsh Enterprizes

Where does the company name splAsh Enterprizes come from? splAsh is a nickname given to Ashley by her family. Enterprizes is spelled with a “Z” to represent the unique “prize” clients receive when working with splAsh Enterprizes.

Ashley Romero Lead Event Planner/Owner
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